Our story.

The idea for the Nickl Academy was born as a result of a comprehensive research into current issues of building and creating a new healthcare landscape. Hereby the missing link between architects, practitioners and managers was found to be highly enticing. Therefore, our vision is to bring the creativity of architects, innovative power of engineers, the visionary leadership of executives and the profound knowledge of practitioners together.  

In the strive to bring our vision into life we aim to bring young and older professionals from the healthcare industry together. If you are a designer, manager, practitioner or policy maker; our programs are designed to bring all of you together and thus creating together with you an active and sustainable knowledge circle by enhancing your own innovative abilities and matching / broadening them with the others unique capabilities.

It is our believe that if you know how things work you can improve them. Therefore, we take all these different areas into consideration when developing our courses. But most importantly “understanding the dynamics of a healthcare system and how does the hospital fit in the whole equation of healthcare service provision”.  

To achieve our goal, we offer various courses throughout the year here at our home base in Munich. These range from multi module comprehensive programs to short courses. Furthermore, there is our summer incubator that aims at bringing young professionals together and engage them in a rich and fruitful learning and developing environment. Beside this we offer various custom-made programs and courses for our international clients.

Nickl Academy is proud to play the bridging role; connecting all those brains standing brilliantly behind designing, running and managing modern and sustainable healthcare facilities.

Who is behind it?


Afra Khalifa

Founder + CEO


Hieronimus Nickl

Executive Partner


"The knowledge and career alignment point for all healthcare professionals"


“Playing the bridging role between planners, designers, and decision makers in healthcare facilities design and management”

“Focusing on minimizing the gap in knowledge and experience among healthcare professionals directly involved in designing and managing healthcare facilities”

“Upgrading the knowledge of our participants to meet the rapid development in healthcare design and management”


The better you understand how a healthcare facility works, the better you´ll design it.

Bringing architects, healthcare facility managers and decision makers together.

Through our real projects´ stimulation and teaser sessions, we bring an innovative way of learning.

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