Our Focus.

Healthcare Facilities

Understanding the environment and the structure of healthcare facilities is very essential when it comes to design, construct or/and management. And we believe that delivering the basic knowledge of how a healthcare facility works and interacts with the surrounding elements and the whole healthcare system is a ground knowledge that every individual involved in.

Medical Concepts

In the very early stage of designing a healthcare facility, comes for sure the development of the idea and the expected outcomes. We believe that developing a medical concept is so critical and should come at a very early stage to assure designing and executing not only a state of the art building, but also a practical building that interacts with its users effectively, and efficiently utilizes the available resources.

Healthcare Facilities’ Design

This area in particular is developed for architects and engineers who are directly involved in designing healthcare facilities. Not only to enhance their ground knowledge of medical design concepts, but also to advance their knowledge in recent green materials and innovative ideas.

Project Management

Efficient and effective utilization of resources allocated to any project is a key factor toward a success. Whether those resources are tangible such as: human resources, budget and working spaces and materials, or intangible resources such as time; all should be taken into consideration and managed effectively in a way that guarantees a smooth and obstacles-free implementation process. This area is providing a comprehensive knowledge of project’s cycle and an introduction to some relevant tools used to ease the complexity of project management.

Feasibility Studies

We are giving the pre-implementation phase a very high intention due to its importance in the project management process.
Our experts in feasibility studies will bring in a comprehensive know-how to be shared with our participants, which will cover everything from studying the idea, into what a feasibility study includes, and the alignment of outcomes.

Tendering & Financial Analysis

A very essential part of any project is contracting with the most suitable service providers, allocating the adequate budget, and monitoring a well-managed spending cycle throughout the whole project. Here, we are bringing 2 experts: one from an academic background who will strengthen the financial ground knowledge of our participants, and a field expert who will share real financial analysis methodologies and tools, which have been effectively implemented in real business life.

Hospitals Management

In order to meet our stakeholders’ demand in understanding the complexity of a hospital and minimizing the gap between those working in different levels and areas within a hospital, whether management or medical staff. We are bringing them together with our academics and experts to enhance their knowledge and awareness of how a hospital or any other healthcare facility really operates.

Healthcare Systems

Since a hospital doesn’t operates alone but directly and indirectly with so many bodies within the healthcare system, understanding the whole picture is very essential and will always be an added value to individuals working in this field.

Leadership and Soft Skills Development

Leadership and soft skills courses are focusing on all employees at all management levels aiming to enhance their skills and abilities in leading projects, teams, and effectively communicate within the working environment both internally and externally. We will be working very close to the participants to develop their self-confidence when it comes to presenting in local and international competitions.

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