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Our Annual Event

Our 1st annual conference

Friday the 9th of November 2018

Innovation in Healthcare

Nickl Academy is hosting for the 1st time

Thursday the 25th of January 2018

The MedInnovate Winter Symposium 2018

Our 2-fixed modules

Nickl Academy - moderne Krankenhausarchitektur trifft moderne Kunst

1st Module

coming soon!

International healthcare facility design and management

Module 1: “Healthcare Facility Management”

Arzt in Action - ein Teil der Teilnehmer an unserer Nickl Academy

2nd Module

coming soon!

International healthcare facility design and management

Module 2: “Healthcare Facility Design”

Short Courses.

Nickl Academy - Karriere, Vertragsunterschrift

2-days course

8 - 9 February 2018

In-hospital financing system

From dogs till stars: how everyone and their interaction with each other contribute to the overall success of the hospital.

Nickl Academy - Karriere, der Weg ist das Ziel. Prognosen und Analysen.

3-days course

21-23 February 2018

How does a hospital work?

A comprehensive introduction to the interaction of the individual departments and their key stakeholders to the successful running of a hybrid organization such as hospitals.

Nickl Academy - Strategieplanung

2-days course

coming soon!

Hospital´s Logistics

The hidden success: an interactive introduction to the forgotten key players.

Nickl Academy - Beispiel für normalen Krankenhausflur

3-days course

coming soon!

Hospital´s Design & Energy Consumption

What you do not see! How design influences the everyday running and operation of hospitals, from workflow to energy consumption.

Nickl Academy - Strategie und Konzeption

2-days course

coming soon!

Medical University Hospitals

From Semmelweiß to Osumi: a success story of evidence-based research!

Our Summer Incubator Program

Nickl Academy - lebhafte Diskussionsrunde während einem Seminar

2 weeks

coming soon!

Our Summer Incubator Program (Students & Young Employees Only)

Healthcare Design & Management Incubator

Customized Programs.

Customized program

The whole year long

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