In-hospital financing system

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Target group

This course aims to equip you with the knowledge to understand the overall financial processes within the hospital, understanding its key functions, and how it interacts with the overall hospital management process. The course will also cover the interaction between the hospitals internal system with the healthcare system at large, and will be concluded with a case study to enhance your evidence-based knowledge in this area and gives you the chance to conduct an comprehensive comparison with your own working environment.

Key features:

  • Lead by our outstanding Professor Dr. Jörg Schlüchtermann, a guest professor from University of Bayreuth in Germany.
  • Professor Jörg will be fully dedicated to our participants during the 2-days course, and will be leading the case study and its final group discussion.
  • The course is organized in 8 lecturing sessions (1 hour & a half each), including 2 coffee/tee breaks and a buffet lunch break.
  • And to enhance the networking opportunity before ending the course, the participants will be invited to a 3-hours networking evening including a dinner.

Registration fees / €1.000,00


8-9 February 2018


Nickl Academy GmbH, Munich, Germany


2-days course

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